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The probiotics market in France is estimated to be worth US$ 1,824.426 million in 2019 and is expected to expand exponentially in the coming years. As people are becoming aware of the connection between diet and health the demand for probiotic food and beverages, as well as dietary supplements that improve health, while providing basic nutrition is increasing in France.

This report is a comprehensive resource for studying end-to-end regulations on probiotics in France, where the food & supplements market is growing rapidly over the years. The objective of this report is to enable a Regulatory go-to-market strategy and ensure compliance.

Table of Contents
  1. List of Abbreviations
  2. Regulatory Status
    1. Governing Regulatory Body
    2. Governing Laws
  3. Product Categorization & Classification
    1. Product Definition
    2. Product Definition
  4. Registration Requirements
    1. Documents to be submitted for Registration/Notification
    2. Submission Format
    3. Submission/Delivery Mode
    4. Registration/Notification Fee
    5. Registration Timeline
  5. Food Micro-Organisms and the Novel Food Regulation
  6. Ingredients and their LImits
    1. Probiotics
    2. List of Vitamins and Minerals
  7. Labeling Requirements
    1. General Labeling Requirements
    2. Regulatory controls on label in the European Union
    3. Requirements for Front Pack of Labeling
    4. Requirements for Trademark/Brand Name
    5. Requirements for Pictorial Graphics on Label
    6. Requirements for Details of Manufacturer/Importer/Distributor on the Label
    7. Requirements for Quantitative Ingredient Declaration (QUID) on Label
    8. Requirements for List of Ingredients and Exemptions
    9. Requirements for Allergen Labeling
    10. Requirements for Country of Origin on Label
    11. Requirements for Date Marking on Label (shelf life, best before and manufacturing date)
    12. Requirements for Net Weight Declaration on Label
    13. Requirements for Traceability Code/ Lot Number/ Batch Number Declaration on Label
    14. Requirements for Nutritional Information on Label
    15. Requirements for making Claims on Label (nutritional claims, health claims and marketing claims)
    16. Requirements for Instructions for Use on Label
    17. Requirement for Multilingual (multi-language) Labeling
    18. Requirement for Font Size on the Table
    19. Labeling Requirements of Health Claims
  8. Claims
    1. Probiotic Claims
    2. Authorization of Probiotic Claims
    3. Types of Health Claims
    4. Additional Process for Approval of New Claim
  9. Advertising and Promotions
  10. Import Regulations
    1. Import Licenses
    2. Import Documentation Requirement
    3. Import License Procedure
    4. Import Timeline and Fee
    5. Import License Validity & Renewal
  11. Local Agent Requirements
  12. Post Marketing Authorization
    1. Validity of Registration Certificate
    2. Variations
    3. Renewal of Product Registration
  13. References
  14. Annexures
  • Product definition and classification criteria in France
  • Information on product registration
  • Precise information on documentation required, health authority fees, timelines for registration and submission mode
  • Regulations applicable on labeling, claims and advertising
  • Information on import regulations, and the requirement/qualification of a legal representative

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