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The probiotics market in Brazil is projected to be worth US$ 1,495.345 million, with a CAGR of 7.01%, which is expected to hit US$2,245.408 million by 2025. The demand for probiotics in functional foods and beverages has increased due to consumption of processed  foods, poor lifestyle habits and the surge in information from health authorities and media on nutrition and the link between health and diet.

This report is a comprehensive resource for studying end-to-end regulations on probiotics in Brazil, where the food & supplements market is growing rapidly over the years. The objective of this report is to enable a Regulatory go-to-market strategy and ensure compliance.

Table of Contents
  1. List of Abbreviations
  2. Regulatory Status
    1. Governing Regulatory Body
    2. Governing Laws
  3. Product Definition
  4. Registration Requirements
    1. Product Registration Process & Flowchart for a Supplement Food Containing a Probiotic
    2. Submission/Delivery Mode
    3. Submission Fees
    4. Timeline
    5. Amendments/Changes to Registration
  5. Ingredients and their Limits
  6. LABELING Requirements
    1. Labeling Requirements for “Supplement Food with Added Probiotic Ingredients”
  7. Advertising and Claims
  8. Import Regulations
  9. Local Agent Requirements
  10. Challenging Regulations
  11. Probiotic Company Players in BRAZIL
  12. List of Local Trade Associations
  13. References
  14. Annexures
  • Underlines the Regulatory bodies and regulations that govern probiotics in Brazil
  • Provides information on the product registration process, applicable fees and timeline
  • Covers import regulations that are levied on probiotics
  • Provides comprehensive labeling requirement on packaged products
  • Regulations on advertising and claims, and challenging regulations
  • List of local trade associations
  • List of probiotics brands/companies in Brazil

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