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This comprehensive report provides precise information on the regulations applicable to cosmetics by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to enable a Regulatory go-to-market strategy and ensure compliance. The cosmetics market in Singapore is a retail market for luxury beauty products and is worth $120 million annually. It is expected to grow with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.3%.

Table of Contents
  1. List Of Abbreviations
  2. Introduction
  3. Definition And Classification
    1. Definition
    2. Classification
      1. High-risk cosmetics
      2. Low-risk cosmetics
  4. Import And Product Notification
    1. Product Notification
      1. Documents Required
      2. Submission Mode…
      3. Process
      4. Notification Fees
      5. Timeline
      6. Validity
    2. Import Permit
      1. Documents Required
      2. Process
      3. Retention of Documents
      4. Fee
  5. Renewal
    1. Fee for Renewal
  6. Variation
  7. Local Agent Requirements
    1. Qualification of a Local Agent
    2. Responsibilities of a Local Agent
  8. Ingredients
  9. Labeling
    1. Additional Labeling Requirements
  10. Advertising And Claims
    1. Advertising Regulations
    2. Claims
    3. Acceptable Claims
    4. Unacceptable Claims
  11. References
  • Information on product definition and classification
  • Process of cosmetic product notification through Freyr PRISM
  • Precise information on health authority fees, timelines for registration, and submission modes (online/in-person)
  • Additional information on the validity of the registration, renewal process, and variation filing
  • Permitted and prohibited ingredient lists to check formulation compliance
  • Provides regulations applicable on labeling, claims, and advertising
  • Information on import conditions and the requirement of a legal representative


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